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Last summer artist Mark Maddox and I sat down to record a show about the James Bond films. We managed to do that but we also went off topic so often and for so long that I ended up excising big chunks of our conversation just to keep that episode from spiraling out of control. Well, now those extra bits of rambling movie discussion can be heard in this short episode. Consider it a barely edited extra.

Topics range from the recent Star Trek films, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Stanley Kubrick movies and personal favorite films. In fact, we talk about Star Trek quite a lot and things do get contentious with one of us defending the new movies and one us .... not. I think that Mark's comments on the ending of The Wraith of Khan might give fans some food for thought - or make them want to punch him. One or the other!

We'll be back next month with a regular episode and if you have any comments or questions please write the podcast at thebloodypit@gmail.com. Thank you for downloading and listening.

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